Back to work today - the whole family was sick when I worked last Friday. Gross. Their dad was legit bedridden from it!

A word of advice to any new nannies - work it out with your employer that you do NOT have to work when someone in the house is sick. It’s not fair to expose you to their germs - you have a life outside of your job, and you need to be healthy for it.

Monday I took my first sick day since Christmas time when I had surgery.

Friday, Bentley got in my car and told me that he didn’t feel well. He went to the nurses office earlier that day and she took his temperature and it came in at 100.8. I was shocked to hear that instead of insisting that he go home as to not spread the illness to the other students, she gave him the option and said it was his choice. He said he decided to stay at school and stick it out because he knew that if he went home early he wouldn’t be able to go to the football game that night (the first of the school year).

I told his mom about it and she responded with, “Oh, good to know.” (George is her favorite kid by far. She doesn’t even try to hide it and it actually disgusts me.)

Saturday I woke up with a slight stomachache. Nothing too major, but enough for me to be uncomfortable.

And then Sunday and Monday it intensified. I won’t go into detail because that’s gross, but I had a low grade fever and overall just felt nasty. I told my boss I couldn’t work and she wasn’t too upset, but I’m sure George was, because when I can’t work, he has to take the bus home. Heaven forbid. I still can’t believe how prissy these kids are. Taking the school bus is totally normal, but they act like it’s only for “losers”.

I can’t imagine living a life like theirs where they have someone to pick them up from school just because they can. They have a bus that takes them to their house, yet their mom pays me so they can sit in the air conditioning in my car. 

French Fries and Straw Wrappers

I went to vacuum out my car the other day because I drove my dog in it, and there was hair everywhere. I didn’t want the kids to have to sit in it.

I went to pull up the floor mats and I found french fries and straw wrappers underneath them! I never eat french fries and I actually hardly ever drink anything but water from a water bottle in my car, and I DEFINITELY wouldn’t shove anything under my floor I know it’s these kids.

I told them that the next time I find a fry in my car, I am going to break it in half and make each of them eat it. I don’t care how old it is. I am NOT their maid!

All Bentley can talk about in the car these days is the lunch at his new high school. He tells me every day what he ate.

George told him to stop talking about it, and all he said was “George, you’re just jealous because you are served frozen chicken nuggets that are warmed up by the cafeteria lady’s breath.”

These kids…

Back to School

August is here, y’all, and Bentley is in high school! He decided to go to an all boy Catholic school and I think this will be great for him, but after day 2 he was already “having second thoughts”.

I know that it must be difficult for him to transfer from a co-ed public school to a private, all boy high school, but I can’t imagine changing my mind that early. The worst part is that his mom is telling him that she will let him change his mind. I heard her say “Let me know what you decide, the earlier the better so I can get more money back.” I know that she wants her kid to be happy, but I know he is going to do so well at a school where there are no girls to distract him…

Why is she letting her 14 year old determine this?

No Work.

Hey, all. So sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. My boss has been cutting my hours like CRAZY this summer - most weeks I only work two or three days for just a couple of hours. Part of it is because the boys are growing up and don’t really need a nanny, and I think the other part of it is because she doesn’t want to pay me. When I do work, I am there just to clean her house - she will legitimately tell me to come over the day before her maid comes so I can “get the house ready.” I wind up vacuuming, mopping, wiping down counters, folding endless loads of laundry and leaving really upset about it because I was hired as a nanny, not a housekeeper. The other day I came in to a Dairy Queen Blizzard cup sitting in the computer room crawling with ants. I don’t understand how these people live this way!

Anyway, when she hired me, she told me 25-35 hours a week. Lately, I’ve been lucky to get 15 hours a week. It’s really frustrating because this money that I am supposed to be making isn’t just “play money” to me, it’s money that I need to support myself and pay bills.

Have any of you all had issues with this? Have your hours been cut to a ridiculously low level and you didn’t know how to approach your boss about it? I’ve never had this issue with a previous job. Before nannying I worked retail (where I was overworked and underpaid), and the hours were crummy because I worked away my entire weekends and overall just hated my life because I had no time for anything. But this opposite side of the spectrum is different. It’s really miserable not being able to buy anything that I want and I can barely cover the things I need - I’ve been living off of my savings, which is okay for a little bit, but I can’t continue to get by on $50 a week.

Thoughts? Opinion?

Nanny Pals…

If you are a nanny following this blog and I’m not following you back, shoot me a message and I will follow you back! I would love to hear about your daily nannying woes as well :)

I was putting away clothing in Bentley’s closet the other day and I saw some button downs and ties his mom bought for him since he is going to a private high school in the fall, and I realized he’s seriously growing up. Doesn’t seem like that long ago that I started high school.

"Does It Get Better In High School?"

Yesterday was the big day for Bentley - 8th grade graduation. The biggest day of ones middle school career, just short of the first day of 6th grade, and definitely one of the biggest milestones in a young person’s life. When you finish 8th grade, you are not only leaving behind a school you know backwards and forward, a faculty and staff that you have grown to love and hate at times, or some friends that are parting ways and going to different high schools - you are leaving behind 3 years of puberty, awkwardness, drama and cliques. You are moving forward to a better phase of life where people typically grow up, get better looking, and become nicer, more genuine human beings. You walk out of that middle school and a weight is lifted off of your shoulders; you are headed to the big, bad world of high school where the girls get prettier and discover eyeliner, the boys get more handsome and begin to regularly use deodorant, and life overall takes a huge turn.

Interestingly enough, I spent more time yesterday talking with George about the end of 8th grade and the beginning of high school. Because Bentley’s graduation was during the school day, I only picked up George in the carpool line, leaving us 30 minutes to talk about anything. Somedays, the drive home with just one kid can be really awkward. Other days, the boys take advantage of the time with me and ask me questions or tell me things that they would probably never say in front of their brother.

George told me that during the school day, the girls were all having meltdowns and crying because one of the “more popular” girls was moving away to another state over the summer. They were all sad that they would “never see her again” and that their “BFF was gone”, and he said he just could not handle the drama of that.

He then asked me, “Does it get better in high school?”

I thought for a second. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, do the kids change in high school..or does everything stay the same? Or is it better… or worse?”

I took a second to process the question while my heart broke a little bit. I have no idea what these kids deal with at school. Maybe they’re bullied, maybe people treat them badly..they would never tell me, but you never know. So I knew I had a few options of where I could go with this one: I could say, “Yeah, everyone is nicer in high school”, or “I don’t know, depends on who you hang out with”, or I could tell him the truth with a little bit of mercy.

I told him what I remembered from high school. I know that it varies from year to year, school to school, county to county, state to state, and country to country, so I generalized what I could to try and make it applicable to what I think he may experience at this time next year when he graduates from 8th grade.

I told him that the summer after 8th grade, the boys all got cuter and taller, but most importantly, during that summer you learn very quickly who your real friends are and who was just around for school fun. Some people go their separate ways because they switch schools and some people stick together, and either one is okay. I told him that at my high school, there were still cliques (which he said they are calling “crews” these days) through the middle of sophomore year, but by 11th grade, everyone learned that trying to be cool wasn’t really important, but instead college applications and ACT scores became a priority. And I told him that high school was way, way more fun that middle school, because you start to learn who you are and discover your true purpose in life.

I told him that the best part of my high school experience was trying new things. I came from a public school and went to a private school where I knew 3 people in my grade, and I was able to become whoever I wanted to be. So I tried choir, lacrosse, cross country, track, yearbook, and the school newspaper staff. I spent my summers cutting grass and my junior year, I got a retail job and still continued to cut the lawns until I went off to college. I did every little thing that I could to live my life to the fullest because those 4 years of high school go by far, far too quickly, and the next thing you know you are in college and having to make decisions that will determine what you do for the rest of your life.

Most importantly, I told him to not feel like high school was ever a popularity contest. That if you go through with one or two very good friends, that you are incredibly blessed.

Keep Calm, and Nanny On!

- The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

Boxing Gloves and Boxer Briefs

Yesterday, Bentley got extremely excited over receiving a package in the mail. It always surprises me the number of things these kids order and have shipped to them. When I was 13-14, I had no way of doing that because I didn’t have a debit card until I could drive. I don’t know if the kids have their own debit cards, but I do think they have access to their parents card numbers, because they order shoes, shirts, and random stuff all of the time.

Anyway, he pulled out a large kitchen knife to try and open the box. After stopping him and helping with a pair of scissors instead, he pulls out a large red pair of boxing gloves. He isn’t in boxing lessons, they don’t have a punching bag in the basement, so the worst of the worst happened - George came upstairs from the basement, grabbed a pair of his own boxing gloves, and they started running around and punching each other. I asked if their mom knew about this, and they were like “Yeah, she doesn’t care!” And they were 99% most likely telling the truth. Their parents just don’t care about what they do.

My nanny job is pretty laid back in a sense. The boys are 13 and 14 now, so I don’t have to do a lot of instructing or punishing. Their parents couldn’t care less about what they do, so I play the “mom” role when necessary, but for the most part the kids work things out themselves. Nobody has ever gotten seriously hurt and I have only had to make them apologize to each other on a few occasions.

They ran into the basement to “box” each other. I told them to not hit each other in the face and to not hit too hard.

A few minutes later, George (the 13 year old) ran up the stairs holding his shorts in his hands. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. I’ve been working with these kids for a year now, and I have tried my hardest to avoid awkward moments like these. Bentley sleeps in his boxers only, so when his mom always told me to “wake him up” in the summer, I would stand at the door and talk loudly. I always thought it was weird that she didn’t even acknowledge that it may be awkward for me to see her teenage boys in just their underwear.

Anyway, back to the story. I said “George, why don’t you have pants on? Go put on some pants!”

He said, “I had a fruit cup in my pocket and I fell on it and it busted open.”

I started laughing so hard I could hardly control myself. He had one of those like, lunch fruit cup things in his pocket. And of course he fell and busted it open.

The things these kids do, I swear. It makes me insane sometimes but most of the time it keeps me sane.

Keep Calm and Nanny On!

-The Nanny Diaries and Adventures