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I was putting away clothing in Bentley’s closet the other day and I saw some button downs and ties his mom bought for him since he is going to a private high school in the fall, and I realized he’s seriously growing up. Doesn’t seem like that long ago that I started high school.

"Does It Get Better In High School?"

Yesterday was the big day for Bentley - 8th grade graduation. The biggest day of ones middle school career, just short of the first day of 6th grade, and definitely one of the biggest milestones in a young person’s life. When you finish 8th grade, you are not only leaving behind a school you know backwards and forward, a faculty and staff that you have grown to love and hate at times, or some friends that are parting ways and going to different high schools - you are leaving behind 3 years of puberty, awkwardness, drama and cliques. You are moving forward to a better phase of life where people typically grow up, get better looking, and become nicer, more genuine human beings. You walk out of that middle school and a weight is lifted off of your shoulders; you are headed to the big, bad world of high school where the girls get prettier and discover eyeliner, the boys get more handsome and begin to regularly use deodorant, and life overall takes a huge turn.

Interestingly enough, I spent more time yesterday talking with George about the end of 8th grade and the beginning of high school. Because Bentley’s graduation was during the school day, I only picked up George in the carpool line, leaving us 30 minutes to talk about anything. Somedays, the drive home with just one kid can be really awkward. Other days, the boys take advantage of the time with me and ask me questions or tell me things that they would probably never say in front of their brother.

George told me that during the school day, the girls were all having meltdowns and crying because one of the “more popular” girls was moving away to another state over the summer. They were all sad that they would “never see her again” and that their “BFF was gone”, and he said he just could not handle the drama of that.

He then asked me, “Does it get better in high school?”

I thought for a second. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, do the kids change in high school..or does everything stay the same? Or is it better… or worse?”

I took a second to process the question while my heart broke a little bit. I have no idea what these kids deal with at school. Maybe they’re bullied, maybe people treat them badly..they would never tell me, but you never know. So I knew I had a few options of where I could go with this one: I could say, “Yeah, everyone is nicer in high school”, or “I don’t know, depends on who you hang out with”, or I could tell him the truth with a little bit of mercy.

I told him what I remembered from high school. I know that it varies from year to year, school to school, county to county, state to state, and country to country, so I generalized what I could to try and make it applicable to what I think he may experience at this time next year when he graduates from 8th grade.

I told him that the summer after 8th grade, the boys all got cuter and taller, but most importantly, during that summer you learn very quickly who your real friends are and who was just around for school fun. Some people go their separate ways because they switch schools and some people stick together, and either one is okay. I told him that at my high school, there were still cliques (which he said they are calling “crews” these days) through the middle of sophomore year, but by 11th grade, everyone learned that trying to be cool wasn’t really important, but instead college applications and ACT scores became a priority. And I told him that high school was way, way more fun that middle school, because you start to learn who you are and discover your true purpose in life.

I told him that the best part of my high school experience was trying new things. I came from a public school and went to a private school where I knew 3 people in my grade, and I was able to become whoever I wanted to be. So I tried choir, lacrosse, cross country, track, yearbook, and the school newspaper staff. I spent my summers cutting grass and my junior year, I got a retail job and still continued to cut the lawns until I went off to college. I did every little thing that I could to live my life to the fullest because those 4 years of high school go by far, far too quickly, and the next thing you know you are in college and having to make decisions that will determine what you do for the rest of your life.

Most importantly, I told him to not feel like high school was ever a popularity contest. That if you go through with one or two very good friends, that you are incredibly blessed.

Keep Calm, and Nanny On!

- The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

Boxing Gloves and Boxer Briefs

Yesterday, Bentley got extremely excited over receiving a package in the mail. It always surprises me the number of things these kids order and have shipped to them. When I was 13-14, I had no way of doing that because I didn’t have a debit card until I could drive. I don’t know if the kids have their own debit cards, but I do think they have access to their parents card numbers, because they order shoes, shirts, and random stuff all of the time.

Anyway, he pulled out a large kitchen knife to try and open the box. After stopping him and helping with a pair of scissors instead, he pulls out a large red pair of boxing gloves. He isn’t in boxing lessons, they don’t have a punching bag in the basement, so the worst of the worst happened - George came upstairs from the basement, grabbed a pair of his own boxing gloves, and they started running around and punching each other. I asked if their mom knew about this, and they were like “Yeah, she doesn’t care!” And they were 99% most likely telling the truth. Their parents just don’t care about what they do.

My nanny job is pretty laid back in a sense. The boys are 13 and 14 now, so I don’t have to do a lot of instructing or punishing. Their parents couldn’t care less about what they do, so I play the “mom” role when necessary, but for the most part the kids work things out themselves. Nobody has ever gotten seriously hurt and I have only had to make them apologize to each other on a few occasions.

They ran into the basement to “box” each other. I told them to not hit each other in the face and to not hit too hard.

A few minutes later, George (the 13 year old) ran up the stairs holding his shorts in his hands. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing. I’ve been working with these kids for a year now, and I have tried my hardest to avoid awkward moments like these. Bentley sleeps in his boxers only, so when his mom always told me to “wake him up” in the summer, I would stand at the door and talk loudly. I always thought it was weird that she didn’t even acknowledge that it may be awkward for me to see her teenage boys in just their underwear.

Anyway, back to the story. I said “George, why don’t you have pants on? Go put on some pants!”

He said, “I had a fruit cup in my pocket and I fell on it and it busted open.”

I started laughing so hard I could hardly control myself. He had one of those like, lunch fruit cup things in his pocket. And of course he fell and busted it open.

The things these kids do, I swear. It makes me insane sometimes but most of the time it keeps me sane.

Keep Calm and Nanny On!

-The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

D-Day Stands For Dentist Day (In Nanny World, That Is)

Yesterday was the day that all kids shudder thinking about and that some adults (including myself) have occasional nightmares about. The dentist. There is something so remarkably terrifying about allowing someone to stick their glove covered hands inside your mouth with sharp objects, scouring away at your pearly whites and poking at those ever so tender gumlines. You open your jaw as far as it goes, they scrape around and make horrifying noises with their little tools, all for you to hold your breath while the dentist comes in and pokes each tooth, looking for a dreaded cavity.

When their mom texted me Sunday night to tell me that they had a dentist appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon, I knew that I had to be ready for some complaining and taunting. If you remember my last dentist post, the report from the dentist about George’s teeth wasn’t so great. He said that his teeth were about 65% covered in plaque, and that he needed to “brush and floss twice daily”. This didn’t really come as a surprise to me, because I remember early on in my employment with them that their mother told me, “They’ll voluntarily shower and get their bodies clean, but they never brush their teeth.”

Anyway, as soon as the kids got in the car after school, Bentley said, “Hey George, you better be ready for the dentist to tell you that your teeth are 75% covered in plaque this time.” I told him to stop picking on his brother, and said that today we would find out the real truth about who had cleaner teeth because this time Bentley didn’t have his braces on (covering up half of his teeth) anymore.

Needless to say, this trip was much less eventful than the last one. I get the feeling that the dentist that they visit doesn’t have a lot of people coming to see him, because 1)They were both done in 30 minutes and 2) by the number of names on the sign in sheet (there were only 3 names before them for the whole day). Maybe it’s because they live in a wealthy area and all the people are at work during the day, or maybe it’s because the dentist isn’t very good. 

They told me that I couldn’t let the kids eat until 4:15 because they did fluoride treatment, and I immediately felt sympathy for them. There are few things more awkward than having a foam filled styrofoam tray shoved in your mouth. Then you have to sit there awkwardly for a few minutes, discreetly wiping the junk off your cheeks and hoping to God that it doesn’t drip on your shirt.

Bentley walked through the door of their house and grabbed a cup of water without thinking about it. I didn’t see what he was doing because I was doing laundry, but I heard a loud spewing of water come from the kitchen as he spat it across the counter in sheer disgust. He said “That tasted so gross. Am I going to die?” I assured him that he wasn’t going to die, but I did tell him to wait before drinking or eating anything else.

The kids don’t have school today and their mom said that “They’ll probably sleep until noon anyway”, so she didn’t have me come in. Normally, the cutting of the hours would bother me, but I’m okay with it this week because I have a lot of stuff to do. My husband’s birthday is on Saturday and we are going out of town for the weekend so I need to clean, pack, etc.

I’ll let you know more of their shenanigans as it happens!

Keep Calm, and Nanny On!

-The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

First Post from the New Pad

Hey, followers!

I just moved to a new apartments and I wanted you to know that I am not purposefully neglecting you! Typically in the summer I blog in the morning before I go to work, but lately my mornings have consisted of packing/unpacking and cleaning. I promise some good stories about the wonderful kids are just around the corner - they make me laugh every single day!

Keep calm, and nanny on!
- The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

Hey There, New Followers

I have gained a handful of followers in this past week and it makes me really excited for the soon to be summertime, and the return to almost daily blogging! Spending time with the kids almost always leads to at least one funny story each day, and I love documenting them and hearing what you all have to say about them.

More posts soon.

Keep calm and nanny on!

- The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

Nanny Friends and Loyal Followers

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. I am in the last 2 1/2 weeks of my semester of school and I am moving soon, so I am very, very stressed and overloaded right now! There is so much to do!

Anyway, I wanted to give you an update on the kids. Bentley is about to graduate 8th grade within the next month (I cannot believe it) and has decided to go to an all boys Catholic high school. I could not be more excited for him with this decision because I believe more than anything that he needs to be away from girls - the ladies just love him! He is a super cute guy and I know that he will definitely focus better at his new school.

George is about to finish 7th grade and his voice has started deepening - it’s too funny, because I remember a year ago he was making fun of Bentley for this stage of puberty.

My time as their nanny may sadly come to a close this fall, though, because many of my upper level marketing classes are only offered in the evening - and nannies work in the evening. I sure hope that I can work around it, but right now, it isn’t looking very hopeful.

Thank you to the followers I have had for the past almost year and to the new ones that I gain each day despite my lack of posts lately. You all are so great and understanding and always support me when I feel like my bosses are out to get me!

As always, keep calm and nanny on!

Love, love love.

-The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

im 14 and from britain. when im older (around 19 years old) i want to be a nanny. i think it will be a great experience for me. im a child development gcse student and when i am 16 i will start my level 3 CACHE. i wanted to know what its like to be a nanny and what qualifications you would need? thank you xx

Hey there! Good for you for already knowing what kind of job you want to have 5 years from now. Most 14 year olds aren’t focused at all on what they want to do with their lives.

When it comes to being a nanny…it’s the most stressful, fun, rewarding, and demanding kind of childcare job I could ever imagine. My schedule varies day to day and week to week basis. It’s nice because I get my weekends off and am home at a reasonable hour (which is impossible with jobs in retail, aka what I used to work), and I love the kids.

In America, there are no formal qualifications you must require to legally nanny, however some people may want different qualities in a nanny. I had some past experience working as a camp counselor and in a retail job where I was highly involved with children, so I was a pretty hirable candidate.

I would say to start babysitting as soon as you can. Learn what age groups you like working with, what you can and can’t handle, and then when you are old enough to start seriously nannying, you know what kind of job will be the best fit for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

Braces Off, Smiles On

Bentley got his braces off on Tuesday, and I don’t think I have ever seen him smile so much! He walked into the house when his mom brought him home, and George said, “Let me see!” He turned to smile at him but used his gums to cover up his teeth.

I said, “Bentley, show me!” And he turned away from his brother and walked toward me and showed me. 

Eventually George saw, and said “You look so weird..”

Before Bentley got his braces, he could fit a pencil between his two front teeth, so I guess now he looks a little bit more normal and George is shocked.

Looks like the kids will have a second full week of school this week, but we are expecting an ice storm on Sunday night/Monday and I expect a snow day for schools and colleges on Monday. Tuesday, we have a low of 3 degrees, so I imagine that the kids won’t have school, but colleges will.

I would LOVE a snow day the week before spring break!

Keep calm and nanny on!