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Nanny Friends and Loyal Followers

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. I am in the last 2 1/2 weeks of my semester of school and I am moving soon, so I am very, very stressed and overloaded right now! There is so much to do!

Anyway, I wanted to give you an update on the kids. Bentley is about to graduate 8th grade within the next month (I cannot believe it) and has decided to go to an all boys Catholic high school. I could not be more excited for him with this decision because I believe more than anything that he needs to be away from girls - the ladies just love him! He is a super cute guy and I know that he will definitely focus better at his new school.

George is about to finish 7th grade and his voice has started deepening - it’s too funny, because I remember a year ago he was making fun of Bentley for this stage of puberty.

My time as their nanny may sadly come to a close this fall, though, because many of my upper level marketing classes are only offered in the evening - and nannies work in the evening. I sure hope that I can work around it, but right now, it isn’t looking very hopeful.

Thank you to the followers I have had for the past almost year and to the new ones that I gain each day despite my lack of posts lately. You all are so great and understanding and always support me when I feel like my bosses are out to get me!

As always, keep calm and nanny on!

Love, love love.

-The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

yourenotalonewhenyourwithme asked:

im 14 and from britain. when im older (around 19 years old) i want to be a nanny. i think it will be a great experience for me. im a child development gcse student and when i am 16 i will start my level 3 CACHE. i wanted to know what its like to be a nanny and what qualifications you would need? thank you xx

Hey there! Good for you for already knowing what kind of job you want to have 5 years from now. Most 14 year olds aren’t focused at all on what they want to do with their lives.

When it comes to being a nanny…it’s the most stressful, fun, rewarding, and demanding kind of childcare job I could ever imagine. My schedule varies day to day and week to week basis. It’s nice because I get my weekends off and am home at a reasonable hour (which is impossible with jobs in retail, aka what I used to work), and I love the kids.

In America, there are no formal qualifications you must require to legally nanny, however some people may want different qualities in a nanny. I had some past experience working as a camp counselor and in a retail job where I was highly involved with children, so I was a pretty hirable candidate.

I would say to start babysitting as soon as you can. Learn what age groups you like working with, what you can and can’t handle, and then when you are old enough to start seriously nannying, you know what kind of job will be the best fit for you.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

The Nanny Diaries and Adventures

Braces Off, Smiles On

Bentley got his braces off on Tuesday, and I don’t think I have ever seen him smile so much! He walked into the house when his mom brought him home, and George said, “Let me see!” He turned to smile at him but used his gums to cover up his teeth.

I said, “Bentley, show me!” And he turned away from his brother and walked toward me and showed me. 

Eventually George saw, and said “You look so weird..”

Before Bentley got his braces, he could fit a pencil between his two front teeth, so I guess now he looks a little bit more normal and George is shocked.

Looks like the kids will have a second full week of school this week, but we are expecting an ice storm on Sunday night/Monday and I expect a snow day for schools and colleges on Monday. Tuesday, we have a low of 3 degrees, so I imagine that the kids won’t have school, but colleges will.

I would LOVE a snow day the week before spring break!

Keep calm and nanny on!

Sorry if it seems like I am neglecting you all lately, but these kids have not had a full week of school since before Christmas! The snow has been enough to have school cancelled quite a bit! I can’t even believe how much they have been canceling.

After The Crazy Requests…

Was very surprised by the number of you who commented/liked my last post about about outrageous amount of housework I do for the people I work for. It makes me wonder, is this really abnormal for a job? Because that is just a tad bit more than a normal days work. I have done everything from reorganizing her tupperware cabinet to cleaning the cat litter box (and they have 4 cats, so trust me, it isn’t an easy time, instead of cleaning the boxes, they decided to use an old sled and fill it with kitty litter as a makeshift litter box).

When she hired me, she told me that I would be doing some “light” housework. To me, that meant occasional laundry folding, maybe unloading the dishes once a month or so and some vacuuming. Next thing I knew, I was doing her grocery shopping, washing the kids linens and picking up their nasty, wet dirty towels off the floor. 

Keep calm, and nanny on!

Crazy Requests of the Day..


From my boss. Last time I checked, I was the nanny, not the maid. WUT.

Keep calm, and nanny on!

Growing Up Too Fast

I was stalking myself today on Twitter (weird, I know) and I came across an old Vine I took of the kids this summer. They were shaving their cat when Bentley was grounded - their mom said it would “Give them something to do.”

Just that 6 seconds of footage alone made me realize that these kids are growing up way too fast. Bentley looks like he’s 3 years younger and George has filled out so much. Puberty really makes kids change, and fast.

I think George may be hitting the face where his voice is starting to drop. Either that, or he’s getting a cold, but I remember when my brother’s voice started to change we all thought he was just getting sick. 2 weeks later and BAM, he sounded like a different person.

I don’t know if I’m ready for them to be little adults yet - they have this sweet naiveness to them right now that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Bentley is slowly turning into the sweetest kid I have ever met - he cares about other people and cares about me, and even though he’s never said that to my face, I know that he does. He asks me all kinds of questions about myself and takes a genuine interest in my life, my marriage, and my college career.

I know I haven’t had the opportunity to see them grow up in the way that some other nannies have, but I have seen them go through different phases of puberty, where changes seem to happen overnight. I have grown a lot in the past 8 months that I have known them, too, and it’s crazy to think where we could be in another 5 months - Bentley entering high school, George starting his last year of middle school.

Funny story from yesterday - I had to take them and two friends home yesterday before a basketball game, and we stopped by my parents house for a short minute (legitimately a minute - I ran inside to get an envelope from my bedroom and ran back out). I pulled into the garage, turned off the car and said “I’ll be right back.”

When I came back into the garage, Bentley was out of the car.

"What are you doing?"

"Mike (his friend) farted, and I had to get out of the car."

Next thing I know, the other three kids are getting out of the car, all gagging and coughing. Gross, but I guess that’s what I get for signing up to work with preteen boys.

The boys have been getting better about responsibility lately - I told them that I wasn’t in the business of picking up their dirty clothes, and they seemed to be okay with the idea. Picking up their dirty underwear really repulsed me and I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Anyway, it’s Friday night and I have homework to do.

Keep calm and nanny on!

Catching Up on Catching Up

Hey followers, so sorry that this blog hasn’t been updated in close to a month. I had a medical emergency over Christmas break and actually didn’t see the kids for 3 weeks. It was hard on me, but probably even harder on their parents when I wasn’t there to do the laundry or cart their kids around everywhere.

I went back to clean the house on Thursday (after 3 weeks of absence) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the house wasn’t any messier than it would normally be after I was absent for maybe 3 or 4 days. Tuesdays are usually the worst, since I work Tues/Thurs/Friday, and I think things tend to fall apart on the weekends.

The kids were excited to see me, and Bentley asked me again on Friday, "When will I see you again?" My heart melts every time that he asks me that because I know that, for a 14 year old boy, that’s his way of telling me that he likes me.

The kids are just as goofy as ever and much healthier than I have been, so that’s good. I love hanging out with them most of the time and I hope that this semester goes as smoothly as the last!

Christmas Time Is Here

Thanksgiving is over, the turkey decorations are put away, and the family I nanny for has begun decorating for Christmas. Their mom asked me to come over before they got home from school to “get things ready for the maid when she comes tomorrow.” I laughed at this, of course, because I find it hilarious that their house gets to the point where they need someone to pre clean before their maid, whose job is to clean, comes in.

They took a vacation last week, and I knew that I was going to come to their house presented with one of two situations today. 1) The house was going to look like a bomb went off, with their stuff everywhere and bags halfway unpacked or 2) A still mainly-packed up house, with everything still in their suitcases.

I came over to the first situation. 3 loads of laundry to fold, clothes all over the kids’ bedroom floors, and the worst - Christmas decorations halfway put up, sitting in boxes, and the remnants of pieces of the fake evergreen all over the floor.

I vacuumed up all of it, which took 3 passes, and had to re-set up their Christmas village. The cats had jumped up and pulled pieces of it off onto the floor and knocked the majority of the little people over.

I was then sent to the dry cleaners and to the grocery store, and I have hit an all time low, guys. The guy at the checkout line made a comment about how often I come there. The answer is confusing, yet simple: The people I nanny for leave a grocery list, I go and buy the items, and then their mom calls me 2 hours later and says, “Oops, I have to add a few more things”, so I come back, then on my way home, I oftentimes swing by and pick up a few things for myself. The cashier was nice about it, but I was completely embarrassed - it’s really that bad that even the employees have noticed how often I am in there.

Running errands for other people wears my patience like no other - and I make these peoples’ lives SO easy. I make the kids lunch, cook their dinner, get them home from school, and overall their mom, minus the whole giving them the sex talk and hounding them about their grades. I have grown to love the kids, though, and really do enjoy my time with them - even though they are completely helpless without my guidance.

They are 14 and almost 13 now. Do you all nanny for older kids?  Do they ask you questions about the opposite sex, and other things that they should be asking their parents? The boys have gotten really comfortable and ask a lot of questions, and I’m thinking that things may get personal really quickly if I’m not careful.

Thanks for reading. Keep calm, and nanny on!

Laziness Leads to Mediocrity

A good talk today with a friend made me realize that the laziness in this world is what makes people’s lives so mediocre.

Are your kids that you nanny for lazy? Are you expected to do everything for them?

For example, mine are 12 and 14, and I still make their beds. They do not know how to do laundry. They cannot cook.

All because they aren’t told to.

What are you in your nannying job requirements? Do you worry about your kids growing up and not knowing how to do anything for themselves? Because I do.